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When should you update your home insurance

Home insurance renews either every six months or once a year. When you get your renewal in the mail or online, it will have a declaration page. This is all the information you need to know about your policy. It tells you whose name it is in, the amount of coverage on the home, the content, and the liability. It also lists the deductible. It’s a good time to consider any updates. At Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ, we are an independent insurance agency that puts the needs of our customers first and foremost. 

When you renew

When your policy is set to renew is an obvious time to make any updates. Some updates will affect your rates. If you decide to raise the amount of your deductible, you can save some money, or you may decide to change the type of content coverage you have. If you change to actual cash value from replacement cost you will cut your costs and if you change the other direction, your premium may go up. 

When you are worth more

You may not even think about your assets and your actual financial worth but as you accumulate more wealth, it is important you increase the liability limits on your policy. The more you are worth, the bigger potential you have for a case against you. 

You make home repairs

How much you pay for home insurance is determined in some part by the age of your roof, your electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. If you replace or update any of these systems, be sure to let your agent know so that they can make the necessary changes. 

Make your home safer

If you add a security system or smoke detectors these are things to let your agent know about. 

Contact Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ when you need home insurance. 

Five ways to avoid water damage to your home

Your home is one of your biggest assets. We at Insurancewide Company, LLC in Phoenix, AZ love to prioritize your home insurance needs.

Avoiding Water Damage

Flooding or water seepage can damage your house. A few simple steps can help you avoid or limit water damage.

  1. Keep gutters and downspouts clean: Gutters gather rainwater from your roof and direct them into the downspouts. Together, they help to direct water out and away from the foundation of your house. When gutters are clogged, water spills over and weakens the soil around the house, which over time will lead to water seepage into the foundation walls. Cleaning gutters and downspouts periodically can prevent this costly damage. 
  2. Replace caulking: Check windows and doors for broken or missing caulking. Fill in cracks to avoid water leakage through windows and doors.
  3. Check pipes for leakage: Regularly inspect pipes and drains for leakage. Undetected leaks can cause water to accumulate. 
  4. Inspect appliances that use water: Nothing is more frustrating than running your dishwasher or washing machine before going shopping and returning to find your house filled with water. If you install or move appliances, ensure the inlet and outlet water pipes are connected correctly. Seek professional help if you find a clog in an outlet pipe or water accumulation around an appliance.
  5. Ensure the sump pump works: The sump pump turns on a motor to pump out water in case of flooding inside or outside your house. Make sure that the sump pump is in working condition.

Though you cannot be prepared for everything in life, finding the right insurance gives you one less thing to worry about. At Insurancewide Company, LLC in Phoenix, AZ, we work with you to find the home insurance that is right for you.

Tip for making sure you home is safe while you are away

Nothing is more important than making sure your home is safe. When you are going to be away, you want to have peace of mind. Knowing your home will be there waiting for you when you return makes it easier to go away and enjoy yourself. A few easy steps can make sure you can go away and not lose a minute of sleep worrying about what is going on at home. At Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ, we have the experience to help our customers find the perfect home insurance. 

Stop mail delivery

You can go onto the USPS website and sign up and fill out the Hold Mail Form. Always stop your mail a day or two before you are actually leaving to make sure your mail person got the message. 

Have your lights set on a timer

One way to make your home safer is to make it appear to be occupied. It is simpler today with smart homes to make sure lights turn off and on in a random pattern. If you don’t have a smart home, you can buy timers for individual lights. 

Set your home alarm

If you have an alarm system, it goes without saying it should be armed when you are away. If it is a monitored system, make them aware you will be away and the dates.

Talk to a trusted neighbor.

Your neighbors are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home. Especially one who walks the neighborhood daily will notice anything unusual and if they know you are away can report it to the police. 

Don’t announce you are away on social media.

Don’t post pictures from your vacation until you return. You never know who has access to your social media. Talking about being away is like inviting a break-in.

Contact Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ with all your insurance needs. 

When was the last time you updated your home insurance? Give us a call today!

When was the last time you updated your home insurance? Give us a call today!

We often take the important things in our life for granted. Especially as we rush through the day and juggle a complex set of responsibilities. Before we can turn around, our weeks have become months, and the years seem to roll past us at a relentless pace.  

It may seem like you did this yesterday, but your calendar is moving at warp speed, so it could be time for you to review and update your home insurance policy. You have probably incrementally added some valuable household items since your last policy was established without realizing it. Or perhaps, you have completed some major improvements to your home’s exterior. Additionally, here in Phoenix, AZ, you may be surprised when you discover that the property value of your home has increased.

At Insurancewide Company, LLC, we have a team of agents dedicated to helping you with all your insurance needs. Whether you are a new, first-time homeowner or an established owner, there is no time like the present to give us a call! An updated home insurance policy will give you a sense of security while diminishing the stress in your life. Don’t wait — we are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.  

In Phoenix, AZ, Insurancewide Company, LLC is a dedicated provider of quality insurance at great prices. Let our team of agents help you be prepared — especially if life delivers a few unexpected twists or turns. Your home insurance policy can give you financial security while enhancing the quality of your life. Our team is ready to provide you with more information and helpful details. Visit our website or give us a call today to learn more about a policy. 

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