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Required Commercial Insurance in Arizona

When you have a business in Arizona, you are required by state law to have a certain amount of insurance coverage for it. Above that minimum required, there are also other insurance policy types that you might want to add to get even better coverage. If you are interested in commercial insurance, give us a call today at Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ to find out more. 

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

This type of insurance pays for the medical bills and lost wages of people in your employ who are injured on the job. Without this coverage, you could face fines, fees and worse. You would also have to come up with all of the money to pay for the medical bills after an accident. If your Arizona business employs even one person, you are required to have this coverage. Your company may be exempt if you hire independent contractors to do the work, you have casual workers, you hire occasional workers or you have domestic workers that work inside a home. 

Commercial Auto Coverage

If your company owns a car or truck, you are required to cover that vehicle with a commercial auto insurance policy. These policies must have at least the minimum amounts of coverage that are required by law. This includes one minimum amount for a single person who becomes injured in an accident. Another amount is required for two or more injured people from an accident. There is also an amount of property damage liability required to pay for damages to another person’s vehicle in an accident that you caused. 

Get Your Business Covered

If your business needs commercial insurance, it’s now time for you to get it. Give us a call today at Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ to find out more about it. 

How to Qualify for Arizona Classic Car Insurance

Driving a classic car in Arizona is an exciting experience that turns a day off into a lifelong memory. That is because classic cars are special autos that turn heads and launch conversations. With classic cars comes Arizona classic car insurance.

At Insurancewide Company LLC, we want Phoenix, AZ residents to be qualified for the kind of insurance they need for their one-of-a-kind vehicle.

What is a Class Car?

Every insurance company has set definitions for classic car, but there are some characteristics that are the same across every classic car policy. If your vehicle is worth more than what you purchased it for, and is over 25 years old, it is going to be classified as a classic car. 

When you consider your car a collectible that you don’t often use, your car is a classic car. The most kinds of classic cars insured are:

• Cars that are 25 years and over
• Antique, hot rods, modified vehicles
• Classic trucks

Qualify for Classic Car Insurance

There are a number of requirements you must meet in order to qualify for classic car insurance:

• Limited Use: Limited use in your classic car insurance policy means that you must have another vehicle for everyday driving. Your classic car policy will stipulate how limited the use is. There may be a limitation on how many miles you can drive it annually.

• Classic Car Events: Your insurance company will help you to understand what kind of events and shows you can use your classic car for. There is special coverage for this.

• Storage: You must have proof that your vehicle will be stored in its own garage with its own security.

• Good Driving Record: Because classic cars are so valuable and expensive, you must show that you have a good driving record. You must not have serious driving offenses on your record.

Get a Quote

At Insurancewide Company LLC, we want Phoenix, AZ classic car insurance to qualify quickly for their policies. Call us today for a quote for Arizona classic car insurance.

Knowing When Your Dental Business Needs Umbrella Insurance

Many Phoenix, AZ businesses may think that they don’t need additional liability or umbrella insurance policies. However, we at Insurancewide Company LLC find that many companies do well with this type of coverage. Here’s why you might want to consider this option for your firm.

Why You Might Need Umbrella Insurance 

While not all companies may need umbrella insurance to protect themselves, a growing number are finding this option incredibly beneficial. That’s because it provides a higher level of liability that can help in many different situations, such as when:

  • Your Business is Dangerous – If you produce dangerous chemicals or provide services that could be dangerous, umbrella insurance helps to protect you and your potential customers. 
  • You Use Company Vehicles – Do you have a fleet of vehicles you use for delivery or other company needs? Umbrella insurance can help to minimize your potential problems. 
  • You’re At Risk of Bankruptcy – Are you in a field that is prone to litigation (such as medical care), or are you going through a damaging lawsuit? Umbrella insurance may keep you from going bankrupt.

Typically, umbrella insurance is an excellent option for just about any business. However, even if you’re not prone to litigation in your field, a slip and fall injury could still threaten you if it occurs on your property. Therefore, it is essential to consider this option for your needs as a business to minimize any serious risks.. 

Don’t Neglect This Option 

If you want an umbrella insurance policy to protect your Phoenix, AZ business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Insurancewide Company LLC right away to learn more. We are professionals who fully understand your needs and who will balance your umbrella policy to be as fair as possible.

What is the Eligibility for Classic Car Insurance?

If you own a classic car, you have probably thought of insuring it. However, you might have wondered if you need traditional auto insurance or separate classic car insurance. As Insurancewide Company LLC explains, classic car insurance differs from usual auto insurance because, with time, classic cars rise in value. Like most people, Phoenix, AZ residents might also be unsure of the eligibility for classic car insurance. Here is what you need to know

The Eligibility of the Car

  • It needs to be 25 years or more.
  • Exotic
  • Modern muscle car
  • Modified car

Most likely, your car may have to meet other requirements such as;

  • Be in good condition
  • Parked in a secure place like a carport, enclosed garage, or any other approved storage structure
  • Not used to the usual daily errands like going to work
  • Should not be used in car races
  • Should not be driven for specific miles in a year. (Depends on one’s insurer)

The Eligibility of a Driver

As the driver of a classic car, you also need to meet certain qualifications for classic car insurance. Some of those qualifications include;

  • You should be 25 years old at least.
  • Hold a good driving record with at least 5-10 years of driving experience.
  • Own another vehicle that you use for a regular commute to work, school, or other destinations.
  • Agree you will not use the car to race

In short, for your car to qualify for classic car insurance, there needs to be something special about it, like advanced age and high value. This policy also offers similar coverage to traditional auto insurance, including liability auto insurance, collision and comprehensive insurance, and uninsured motorist coverage. It can also have other optional coverage depending on your needs.

Residents of Phoenix, AZ, looking to insure their classic cars can reach out to Insurancewide Company LLC. We will help tailor a policy that suits your needs.

Why Auto Insurance Is An Asset

To many, it’s easy to talk about the reasons why they have an auto insurance policy. Reasons like the policy being a requirement in the state they live in or their lenders make it mandatory for them to carry the insurance. But do you know that having car insurance is a good investment for your family and yourself? Well, at Insurancewide Company LLC, we’ve broken down some numerous benefits of having a car insurance policy. Let’s explore.

It offers financial protection

Imagine causing an accident, and you are held liable for injuring someone. Think about the costs associated — legal fees, medical expenses, or even lost income for the injured if they cannot work. Such costs could leave your pockets empty. But with liability coverage, all these costs are sorted out.

It helps you to be compliant with the law

Most states require that you carry car insurance before hitting the road. Without this, you risk heft fines and, worse, losing your license. Car insurance that satisfies your states’ requirements helps you to avoid non-compliance penalties and fines.

It protects your asset/ car

Since your car is valuable, you must protect your asset by having an insurance cover covering your car if it’s damaged due to a collision, strike, or riot. The policy may also cover your vehicle in case of theft or burglary. Without car insurance, be sure to dig dip into your pocket for any repairs or replacements.

Auto insurance in Phoenix, AZ

The benefits of purchasing a car insurance policy outweigh the risk of not having one. With thousands of dollars, you could pay if you caused an accident, auto insurance is worth every penny. 

Are you looking for auto insurance to safeguard you and your car? Look no further than Insurancewide Company LLC. Call us today for an affordable quote.

When should you update your home insurance

Home insurance renews either every six months or once a year. When you get your renewal in the mail or online, it will have a declaration page. This is all the information you need to know about your policy. It tells you whose name it is in, the amount of coverage on the home, the content, and the liability. It also lists the deductible. It’s a good time to consider any updates. At Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ, we are an independent insurance agency that puts the needs of our customers first and foremost. 

When you renew

When your policy is set to renew is an obvious time to make any updates. Some updates will affect your rates. If you decide to raise the amount of your deductible, you can save some money, or you may decide to change the type of content coverage you have. If you change to actual cash value from replacement cost you will cut your costs and if you change the other direction, your premium may go up. 

When you are worth more

You may not even think about your assets and your actual financial worth but as you accumulate more wealth, it is important you increase the liability limits on your policy. The more you are worth, the bigger potential you have for a case against you. 

You make home repairs

How much you pay for home insurance is determined in some part by the age of your roof, your electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. If you replace or update any of these systems, be sure to let your agent know so that they can make the necessary changes. 

Make your home safer

If you add a security system or smoke detectors these are things to let your agent know about. 

Contact Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ when you need home insurance. 

4 Reasons You Motorcycle Insurance in Arizona

Bikers will tell you that it’s 99 percent more fun to ride a bike than drive a car. Not convinced? That’s a story for another day. Today, let’s talk about motorcycle insurance. While there is no doubt bikes are fun, the danger is never far. A simple wrong move and your ride can quickly turn into a nightmare. 

The good thing is that with motorcycle insurance from Insurancewide Company LLC of Phoenix, AZ, you can have peace of mind while on the road. Here are some reasons you should buy motorcycle insurance.

Liability protection

No matter how careful you are on the road, accidents are bound to happen. You could cause an accident causing bodily injury to other road users, or you could cause property damage to third parties. Without motorcycle insurance, you could be faced with financial liabilities that could drain your pockets. 

Asset protection

When you need to play, you have to pay. This adage aptly fits the bike world. Bikes are fun, but you have to pay top dollar to jump on the bandwagon. To this end, you need to purchase proper motorcycle insurance to protect your valuable investment from perils like accidents, fire, theft, vandalism, hurricanes, and much more. 

Medical payments coverage

Unlike a vehicle, bikes don’t give riders adequate protection in case of an accident. Bike accidents, even though minor, can result in significant injuries that are costly to treat. Without health insurance, you could be staring at massive medical costs, denting your pocket. However, if you include medical payment coverage on your motorcycle insurance, you and your passengers’ medical expenses and funeral expenses are well-covered.

Compliance with the law

Just like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance is mandatory in California. Failure to carry motorcycle insurance could result in fines and penalties that include license suspension. 

Do you need motorcycle insurance in Phoenix, AZ? Trust Insurancewide Company LLC for affordable and customizable motorcycle insurance.

Five ways to avoid water damage to your home

Your home is one of your biggest assets. We at Insurancewide Company, LLC in Phoenix, AZ love to prioritize your home insurance needs.

Avoiding Water Damage

Flooding or water seepage can damage your house. A few simple steps can help you avoid or limit water damage.

  1. Keep gutters and downspouts clean: Gutters gather rainwater from your roof and direct them into the downspouts. Together, they help to direct water out and away from the foundation of your house. When gutters are clogged, water spills over and weakens the soil around the house, which over time will lead to water seepage into the foundation walls. Cleaning gutters and downspouts periodically can prevent this costly damage. 
  2. Replace caulking: Check windows and doors for broken or missing caulking. Fill in cracks to avoid water leakage through windows and doors.
  3. Check pipes for leakage: Regularly inspect pipes and drains for leakage. Undetected leaks can cause water to accumulate. 
  4. Inspect appliances that use water: Nothing is more frustrating than running your dishwasher or washing machine before going shopping and returning to find your house filled with water. If you install or move appliances, ensure the inlet and outlet water pipes are connected correctly. Seek professional help if you find a clog in an outlet pipe or water accumulation around an appliance.
  5. Ensure the sump pump works: The sump pump turns on a motor to pump out water in case of flooding inside or outside your house. Make sure that the sump pump is in working condition.

Though you cannot be prepared for everything in life, finding the right insurance gives you one less thing to worry about. At Insurancewide Company, LLC in Phoenix, AZ, we work with you to find the home insurance that is right for you.

Is Umbrella Insurance for Everyone?

Why get extra insurance when you already have your assets protected? This is a question numerous Phoenix, AZ residents struggle with, along with the dilemma of what umbrella insurance covers. Insurancewide Company LLC puts into perspective what this policy is all about and whether you need it.

Defining Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a policy that acts as a secondary layer of protection once the liability limit on underlying insurances, such as auto and home insurance, is exhausted. This means that extra expenses related to another person’s injuries, lawsuit claims, and property damage are taken care of under umbrella insurance.

Along with this, an umbrella policy also provides coverage to any family members included in your insurance. If, for instance, your children or spouse cause damage to multiple properties while driving, umbrella insurance covers costs exceeding your auto insurance limit.

Situations Requiring Umbrella Insurance

Typically, some lifestyle factors tend to increase your likelihood of needing umbrella insurance more than other everyday activities. These include:
•    Ownership of pets
•    If you own or rent out a property
•    If you have a vehicle or watercraft, both owned and rented
•    Host family and friends to your premises occasionally
•    If you are a business owner and employ staff

If you check any of the above boxes, then you need an umbrella insurance policy. The above factors are gateways into dog bite lawsuits, wrongful eviction and entry claims, bodily injury claims, and defamation of character trials.

When Does Umbrella Insurance Come In

The first instance where umbrella insurance comes in handy in Phoenix, AZ is when your underlying coverage limits can no longer cover expenses related to damage or liability claims. Rather than let your assets or income pay for the damages in question, umbrella insurance caters to the costs of compensation. If, however, you win your case, your lawyer’s fees are covered by umbrella insurance.

The second instance where umbrella insurance provides relief is when you suffer lawsuit claims not covered in your policy. These include claims related to libel, slander, and false arrest. Additionally, property not insured, such as rental units or boats, will also fall in this category.

While umbrella insurance may seem like an afterthought, it is the secret to keeping your assets secure in unexpected emergencies. Talk to Insurancewide Company LLC to get started on your umbrella insurance journey.

Tip for making sure you home is safe while you are away

Nothing is more important than making sure your home is safe. When you are going to be away, you want to have peace of mind. Knowing your home will be there waiting for you when you return makes it easier to go away and enjoy yourself. A few easy steps can make sure you can go away and not lose a minute of sleep worrying about what is going on at home. At Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ, we have the experience to help our customers find the perfect home insurance. 

Stop mail delivery

You can go onto the USPS website and sign up and fill out the Hold Mail Form. Always stop your mail a day or two before you are actually leaving to make sure your mail person got the message. 

Have your lights set on a timer

One way to make your home safer is to make it appear to be occupied. It is simpler today with smart homes to make sure lights turn off and on in a random pattern. If you don’t have a smart home, you can buy timers for individual lights. 

Set your home alarm

If you have an alarm system, it goes without saying it should be armed when you are away. If it is a monitored system, make them aware you will be away and the dates.

Talk to a trusted neighbor.

Your neighbors are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home. Especially one who walks the neighborhood daily will notice anything unusual and if they know you are away can report it to the police. 

Don’t announce you are away on social media.

Don’t post pictures from your vacation until you return. You never know who has access to your social media. Talking about being away is like inviting a break-in.

Contact Insurancewide Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ with all your insurance needs. 

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